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With AFP you will find a new way of doing business in the global society - both effective and efficient as well as relaxed and refreshed.

Whatever is the size of your first-choice-aircraft: AFP will provide you with best solutions to leave later, to arrive earlier, to stay longer and to home sooner, as you will fly farther, faster, more often and more comfortable.

Corporate jets with AFP solutions will become library-like quiet working palaces. Should you have chosen a fractional ownership jet, AFP will make it flying with your own interiors conforming to your Corporate Identity and exactly reflecting your personal style.

AFP provides solutions for ultra-long-range flying, working and living to make you meeting the demands of transcontinental business on missions even over several weeks with all comfort for you and your team - or just to enjoy your personal Flying Palace in home-like quality, much better than just a hotel.

AFP is the first choice to get your first-choice-aircraft in unbeatable quality!

The complete AFP package includes

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