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Quick-Change Aircraft Interiors

The quick-change aircraft interiors designed by AFP will feature your personal Flying Palace in the sky with best solutions for your applications. Enjoy your aircraft with AFP

Choose your permanent configuration - or choose the AFP Quick-Change-Cabin system to benefit from infinite flexibility and infinite variations. Use all configurations in one single aircraft.

The infinite versatility allows to change the cabin interior in almost no time. For example, the MEDEVAC facilities can be installed within a few hours only.

The overall cabin layout can be changed over night. This allows different usages every day - freedom and flexibility for maximum Return On your Investment and maximum comfort and pleasure. It provides space to live, space to work and space to pray.

The AFP team is manned for your success. We will search around the globe to find that equipment which fits to your goal - and assures with highest quality that you will be the ultimate master of your projects with full control on opportunities of your business and your life.

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