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Aircraft Consulting Services & Technical Analysis

The aircraft consulting services & technical analysis of AFP experts will support you with carefully conducted results. The combined SRF- (Space-, Range-, Field-) and SSECI- (Space-, Style-, Equipment-, Certification-, Interface-) Analysis are the basic instruments to determine the best jet for you and to develop the best interiors meeting exactly your requirements.

With technical analysis made by AFP you will reach the best value for money with highest standards of safety and quality. Even it may save for you millions of US-Dollars.

The SRF-Analysis compares the space performance, the range performance and the field performance of every aircraft with your individual needs. It provides any information to take your final decision on a sound and strong basis.

With AFP you can easily determine the best jet meeting exactly your demands. Your aircraft realized by AFP will be your real first choice without compromise - be it a Boeing or an Airbus jet, a Bombardier, Fairchild, Falcon or Gulfstream jet - or any other - with AFP there will be a clear and sound decision on your best solution and your very first choice.

The SSECI-Analysis takes into account your space requirements, your style requirements and your equipment requirements. All these most important aspects are combined with a detailed analysis of certification requirements and interface compatibility to make the best solution for you flying in infinite safety.

AFP guarantees that all solutions developed for your Flying Palace will meet exactly the rules of certification to be applied by authorizations.

It will provide you with that entertainment value you are dreaming of, it will adapt a special Sound Management Program, it will prepare Lighting Optimization and it will specify several climate zones for your pleasure and the effectiveness of your crew.

Of course, it will determine the latest communication tools and office applications. Satellite phones, Internet with e-mail, screens and monitors to see your shares at stock exchanges in real time, DVD films or the best view of your jet - even better than the pilot's view delivered by special cameras at the rear of your aircraft.

The results of the AFP technical analysis form the basis to realize best interior design engineering. AFP's highly skilled aircraft professionals take care to deliver high Return On Investment.

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