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Interior Design Engineering & Interior / Exterior Styling

AFP solutions are realized to be the most appreciated interiors by business executives who must maintain peak productivity en route and upon arrival.

AFP solutions are realized to be the most appreciated interiors by individuals who whish to be in peak comfort and wellness 24 hours a day wherever they are located on the globe - with infinite opportunities to tailor the cabin to your personal style.

Each AFP custom interior is a unique unity of materials, design and workmanship. Appreciate, for example, lustrous finish of fine bird's eye maple wood veneer resulting from 14 - 15 coats of urethane enamel, painstakingly applied and then hand-rubbed to a mirror like finish.

AFP will search the world for the finest woods, fabrics, leather or other materials. Rare plantation-grown sapele mahogany from Brazil, stunning bird's eye maple and walnut burl, fine silks and custom-woven chenilles, butter-soft calfskin from Italy, secrets of new materials developed and adapted for your Flying Palace - all will create a unique marvel of balanced, synergetic design and a sedan for your soul in business and private life.

The interior components will be developed in three stages. First, a detailed analysis of your individual requirements with regard to usage and style is carefully conducted. Traditionally designed drawings give you full control on all design patterns.

After having met your personal style, in the second phase all interior components are computerized to have the best look on the inside plane with infinite variations in three dimensional view based on latest and most sophisticated software.

The third stage comprises a ground layout near by your home in real size. You are able to march through your future aircraft as long as you wish so to increase infinitely your imaginations. Virtual reality applications can support final optimization, before a final mock up with wood and plastics is built to show you all materials, furniture and components as after real production.

A sophisticated Sound Management System will result together with an exceptionally hushed cabin in unrestricted conversation, refreshing rest or quiet concentration on work.

A multi sensitive environment can create any feeling in total harmony with your soul on a single push of a button. Special machinery to deliver sound, smells and visual effects will give you the imagination of being in an oasis, in a desert, in a forest, or in the latest Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, or in any other environment of your preference.

The AFP exterior design will set your own mobile landmark up in the sky. Golden palace, skyline of your home or flying advertisement for your company - AFP provides limitless designs for limitless skies.

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